Sunday, 5 April 2009

Still Writing 'Flower' and posting out 'Not Exactly Human'

Been having fun taking Flower over to Mira's Come in Character - my but my girl has some serious issues!

Mind you it's understandable what with her Mum dying and then being made to sit on a bed and wait (for the last five months) for me to go back and write her something else to do.

Writing for her still makes me cry - roll on getting to the two gay Dads and the golden eagles!

Must go back to writing as the alternative is doing the weekly washing.

I'm posting out the next submission on Moday - 'Not Exactly Human'.
This seems to be a straight forward process this time.
That will make two paper submissions (UK) and two on-line (US) which is neat and symmetrical.

My other project - life imitating art imitating life - 'Going to the shops with all the family' should also be finished by the end of the holiday.
It seems weird to be writing a story designed to be a picture book without pictures of any sort. Four views of each stage of what should be a normal trip out - what's normal?!

Which project will take first? Can you really push three diverse things at the same time? Sure!


  1. I hear ya. My characters make me cry too. Loved your comment on Nathan's blog. :)

  2. Wow - this must be what it feels like to be published - but on a smaller scale!
    I've been chatting to myself for the last month - now I'll have to be careful to punctuate properly!