Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Still learning

Writers' Circle

Went to the scenic one in the park - beautiful setting.

Heard all about the works of Edgar Allan Poe - including short stories and poetry. 'He's a bit wordy!' This is not my comment because, after all, that would be 'the pot ...'

But, having read everything the library had, that was written by Arthur Conan Doyle, James Fennimore Cooper and Alexandre Dumas (and carrying around the Complete works of Shakespeare for light reading), before I'd left school ... this did not come as a complete surprise.

I'd also read some of Poe's stories back-in-the-day, and when the younger version of 'spice-up-your-life' had a gothically inspired English teacher in Year 8, but I hadn't really appreciated his work. He surely had sparks of original thinking. Go Edgar!

Of course, I have to appreciate anyone who can write 4,000 words describing a cottage!

When I finish editing I'm going to go back to read his work - it may be counter-productive to start now!

I did sign up for one of the on-line forums (as per instructions) but ... nobody there will be able to pass around the custard creams!

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  1. Nice (and prolifically posted to) blog, Elaine.
    Did you join the writers' circle in Cassiobury? Just wondered.