Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The caterpillar is feeling its wings

aka feeling poetical

I found someone loitering on my blog - hi!
Sitting in the middle of my diary - better remember to punctuate!!
I got so overexcited I commented on my own blog - sad!!!

If it feels this exciting to find that one person has read the blog how must it feel to actually get your book into print?

I tried to imagine me sitting back under a palm tree (as opposed to the 'Gok Wan' of the colour challenged baby beech that's growing in my garden (sorry but really - faded, rusty brown leaves with pale pink flower - what were you thinking when you evolved?!)) sipping from a frosted glass whilst nonchalantly drawling - "Yes, the new book's out next week ... thrilling... obviously... thrilling."

I went visiting on my visitor's site - developed a bit of a complex - her site's bigger than my site - insofaras (oh - spotted another of Shakespeare's finest inventions) she has one and I don't!

I'm putting together a submission for the Bransford Challenge.
Why do I feel it has to be even more professional than the one I sent out last week?
Why am I re-writing page one - even thinking of ditching the first 10 pages?
The reason would be why each of these thoughts has been bubbling under everything I've done for the last 5 days I guess - they all need to be tighter - less wordy - stronger ... !
So it looks like it's back to the 'drawing board' for me!

It's like facing a challenge from 'peers' I 'know' - a very different thing than from the amorphous mass - scary.

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