Thursday, 2 April 2009

On writing - still writing

Books about writing books?
I spent ages thinking about books to help you write - surely you'd get conflicting advice - from (depending on how many you read) singular view points.
I re-read every book I buy, beg, borrow or 'steal' up to 20 times - during my extended reading I absorb a lot of useful information about how books are written. I read everything put out by individual authors for 'fun' (if I find a voice that really catches my attention). I don't have favourite genres but page 49 better be good as I use it to select books for reading - prologues have had it (unless they are very long)!
If writers are writing about something they have never seen, heard, felt or done - then the 'how to' book would be a must - is anyone actually doing that?
(Talk to the person who did it - or buy the book written by the person who did it - or as close as you can find ) then visualise it - plan the 'journey' (space, time, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially) - and write; let them live - play God.

Been out at the pub drinking-ish (designated driver) with friends - think I might have gotten all philosophical!
01:18 and just the reading part of my day to go - did I mention the reading? 06:30 alarm but 'real' books await.

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