Friday, 3 April 2009

Two hours sleep is plenty really and have we done for Nathan?

I'm a bit tired - what with two hours sleep being a little below the guidelines recommended for such things - but it is Friday so all is well in my world!
  • Done teaching
  • Done breaking up for the holiday - it's a hard life
  • Done speed visit to the pub
  • Done telling everyone to make their own tea

Where is Nathan? Working - surely not? Refusing to speak to us - unlikey? Sickly - doubtful? Having a life - that is such bad news! For me - if not for him.
Now how will I get to hear all those familiar and distinctive 'voices'?

I'm going to the gym tomorrow - as usual - but I can go and buy a new book too (preferably one that I 'can't put down'). The decision now is what shall I select from the ranks and rows? I can't wait!!

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