Tuesday, 7 April 2009


No need for any roads to anywhere at all - I've just had an epiphany (he loves me) no, not that one ... the other one!
Why didn't I know?
Why didn't I know what I knew all along?
I went reading - over on Colleen Lindsay's Swivet blog - got reading and so got thinking - funny how that always happens - then the epiphany struck ~ lightning bolt from the computer - 'like' whereelse is it going to come from?
Just because I love words - the way they look when you write them and the sounds they make when you say them - (and there's no getting away from the fact that me and words are like 'that' ('∞' - or maybe 'ɤ')) - it doesn't mean I have to use every word I know before the 'plot' can get going!
You'd never catch me posting 557 words on the Bransford blog - I fine tune those babies down until every word there is doing a specific job or it is 'so out'. So, why the hell did I write 10 pages designed to alienate my readers? Because it was clever - obviously - and well-written and - a bit of a mistake!!!!
The babe (reluctant teen reader - don't know how that happened - the only way to rebel in a liberal household?) said - the book really works after she gets to school
My esteemed colleague - forced into proof reading draft 1 said - you really bring it alive once you let that headteacher speak -
So I let the first 10 pages of beautifully written description live this long - why?

My thanks to all the 'voices' I've been listening to on the Literary Agents' Blogs - it has been hearing so many different perspectives on the same issue - and taking characters out of their contexts (Thanks, Mira ) that started me thinking about thinking!

I'm busily engaged in taking figurative scissors to my baby - good job it's not a circumcision! How much do you really need?!

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