Thursday 2 April 2009

Harshly heartless but the post man he says 'yes' - well he said that will be £2.53 actually

FMP - someone wants to have my babies! I'll ponder the advances that would need to be made in medical science for that to happen while I go to make my tea!

Nathan - my best bud in America - says he turns around submissions 'like' fast - what's with the hold up in my acceptance then? Hopefully my revised and resent e-mail can make the swim and long hike to San Francisco and that Nathan isn't now snowed under the flood of resubmissions his blog has engenered.

Speaking of Literary Agents who don't live so far away that it is almost like another planet - (ooh - story plot line? I think I could work with that):

I was harshly heartless today - I walked past the netballers in their first match of the season - how late it is for this to be happening (at the end of the season) is a fair reflection of how dire they are .... so when I discovered quite by accident that they were only one-nil down to a team that thrashed them 16 - 0 last outing ... I kept on walking whilst wishing them well!

Instead I drove to town - and put the second ever submission in the post !!!! I know - I'm still a little weak at the knees myself!!

Not exactly rocket science but I think I've got a much better chance at securing a Literary Agent now that my submission has been posted to one!

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