Friday 10 April 2009

Is it Monday yet and could you just pop back home and arrive to visit after next week?

Now, obviously, I know it's not 'like' around the corner but this week is going to be a bit exciting so, if it's all the same with you, could you pop back to Oz and come visiting after Friday of next week? I'm counting down to being a Literary Agent for the day that lasts a week - books to read about how to do it properly - don't 'ya know?!

I know you hired the cottage in Yorkshire - in the middle of the Dales - and we can do Brontë stuff topped off with too much wine - sleeping the annoying little (ble....) perishers in the tent at the bottom of the garden - wizardingly great idea! And I get to see 'me Mam' to boot (that's 'as well' - by-the-by).

Do you think my politely worded request might strain the bonds of sisterly affection a smidge?

Good job I've got my priorities right - yes-sir-eee! (Hi Sis - love you lots really!)

Done my grammar homework too - thanks to the link, or two, on the Bransford blog.

'Like' blow-me-down-with-a-feather - I never even noticed there was a difference - I just kept thinking Word was having a melt-down!

I can't wait for the man with the extra capital letter to get on to the rest of the advice!!

Nice - the most incorrectly used word in English - double-edged and sharply pointed! Go Nathan!

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