Friday 17 April 2009

Still Writing? Well, sort of...


I thought I'd give a running count, on the length of the book, on the Blog:

True count at the end of draft one 129,300 words - who says I might be a touch 'wordy'?!

Last Thursday - don't forget the concept of editing occurred to me before Manic Monday -127,000 words

I never win anything - raffles, the lottery, bets, Rock-paper-scissors - I've won nothing in my life! So, imagine my surprise when I won: 'Critique you query!'

Thank you to the 99.8% of responders, who, to date, have offered helpful advice or polite responses - my class of Rottweiler puppies have ways of dealing with teachers who only have effectively punctuating over-excited query letters in their skill set!

Still Editing:
Chapters 1 and 2 have been on the Red-pen Diet - they have seen amazing results and would like to take a few moments to endorse the plan! So, the new current total is 122,600 words.

Seriously, that's 6,700 words out of 2 chapters.
If I keep up this rate the book will be 62,300-ish words and I'll be gluing them back in!

Frankly, the editing would be going quicker if I wasn't still finding myself drawn to the 'dark-side' over on Nathan's Blog!

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