Monday 27 April 2009

Didn't get much marking done...

because the next Harry Potter popped by.

So, I sat there with the writing folders - levelling - in theory...

But a persistent little idea kept circulating around in my head - he kept whispering that he was the next Harry Potter.

So, not wanting to be the author who turns the next Harry away because they're too busy with 'the day job' to sit down and write the details (while he is warning me that this is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed) - I hunted down my general note book and let him pitch his idea.

First I was having size-ist issues with Tony and then his dad wasn't letting me away without thinking things through properly. Vee, his Mum, was just heading off to welcome the new neighbours to the run-down, rediculously cheap house next door to their increadibly well-maintained show home when I had to yell at them all to back off and give me some time with the tasks that keep the roof over my head ... at the moment!

It's all sorted except the maths - multiples of three - huge numbers of them!

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