Sunday 22 August 2010


What started off with time wasting ended up with time wasting.
If you know the answer to the question, could you please let me know? Is Kronk the Canadian equivalent of Primark?

The weather forecast for this evening is torrential rain and possible flash floods. When it the day began bright and warm I felt that I HAD to do something. I had to appreciate the late summer day by doing something I had never done before. 

With that idea modified to something inexpensive that I hadn’t done before, I found the local paper and went looking.

My choices were limited, so limited that I only had one choice – car-boot sale - for my American friends imagine a whole street of yard sales transported to a field.

There were rows and rows of cars, parked in a field.  The experts had brought a table and a clothes rack to help people view their things. The less experienced just let their household entrails dangle from the doors of their car.

Did you know that it takes 20 years to travel from the sun to planet Earth by normal aircraft? This is a true fact. It might also account for the precise age of 90% of the items for sale at the car-boot sale. The GB Sun Colony Reunion Car-boot Sale.

We had fun rummaging and reminiscing but we only bought one thing.

I saw a navy blouse that, from a distance, had white rectangles on it.  I got closer. This wasn’t easy. I had to crawl under a table, and toss aside the other items of clothes that were heaped on the ground sheet.

The shirt was sooooooooooo cute – the right size for the Minnow (my eighteen-year-old daughter).

It was navy and covered in small, white minis (cars).
It has the label KRONK on the inside, outside on the button band and KRONK is printed on the licence plate of every little car.

Now for the mystery.

I have searched the internet for information on KRONK because if they designed this fabulous top then there might be more, even cuter, clothes out there. But the internet has almost no references to KRONK at all.

I’m guessing the little shirt is vintage, maybe 1980s or 90s?

Does anyone know anything about KRONK? 

ps The rain has just started to fall.


  1. Don't know Kronk, but love the car boot sales and any markets, so many little treasures (that I drag home and later end up donating to the local charity shop when I realise I've accumulated too much junk - then the cycle repeats) :-)

  2. Hi Charmaine
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    The hunt for information continues.
    I love the buying, giving back to the charity shops I really don't enjoy half as much ;)

  3. Hm - search for 'Kronk Clothing' on google and it seems to throw up some results - not sure if they are the right results, but at least it might help!

    I do love car boot sales too. Haven't been to one for ages, but love that promise of a bargain.

  4. Hi Jayne
    I did that too: the Disney character rules the word, then some men's wear my Dad would never have worn. There were a total of two blouses like the Minnow's a pink one I found once but never again and the cute bunny one. But WHO is KRONK?

  5. I've never heard of Kronk before, but the car-boot yard sales sound fun :)