Sunday 1 August 2010


Dear Diary

He is sooooooo hot. Not uber-irradiatingly, too hot. You know what it’s like, when something is too hot? They look perfect and they know it. Exuding all that glow, and a heat that goes way beyond – beyond? Who needs that kind of hot? Not me!

Besides, if he was too hot he would have burned off his juices, all that pent-up hydrogen – phew! Dried and shrivelled, would have been bad for him; destructive for me too. 

You know, I think he is the perfect age for me: a little extra maturity but enough youth? It’s all about the right kind of glow. Gotta love the virility; his solar flares disrupt my electricity and play havoc with my satellites!

And I don’t care what anyone says: that size matters s**t. I think he is the perfect size. OK, so I’ve heard the bigger girls say he is a little on the small size; but what couldn't be bigger? I'm not so big. Anyway, smaller is soooo cute. The Jake Gyllenhaal/James McAvoy size – perfect!  You’re with me on this one, right?

What would I be, if he wasn't here, near me? It’s like we're magnetically attracted, kept in place by gravity or something. I'm keeping him at a distance at the moment, I’m cautious. A little distance is, sometimes, a good thing.

I know I have competition for his attention. If he was any hotter we couldn’t be in the same orbit. He’d be attracting like all these other planetary bodies his way. That would be the end of everything. I’d die - shrivel up - if I couldn’t to be near him. What if he changed?

Dear Diary, I just have to say it – to tell you, even if I never tell anyone else – he is my Sun: the light in my dark; warmth in my cold; he is the life in me.

I’ve got it bad, I know.

I wear my best blue, green and white number but I’m up against the red and yellow (all rings and things) show offs. They keep hanging around him too.

I’ve got that pale little copy-cat, wanna-be always mooning around me. I don’t mind, he keeps me company, but he just isn’t the one. He isn't my special one.

My secret, Diary, and I’m only telling you, is that I’ve found my special one. The trouble is I don't think I'll ever be able to get any nearer to him than this. He just doesn't see me the same way.

Life sucks!

Earth♥Sun - true!!!


  1. That was interesting. At first I was thinking "geeky love", but what a way to look at the universe. I liked it.

    Where did you come up with such a fantastic idea?


  2. Hi Donna
    *blushes! Probably, it is all the product of a "dark and twisty" mind?
    Yet, every word is factually accurate.
    Do you think I could write the alternative science text book? Cross-curricular work was always a strength ;)
    Writing. and education, is all about voice and finding the way to reach the audience.