Friday 27 August 2010

THURSDAY? Ooops I missed!

Thursday? Things got busy. 

The Muse came by, and I think moved in.... *I wish! It wasn't that  kind of Muse. 

The postman woke me up at 8:00, not especially early, but I was sleeping and dreaming in vivid, lush-green technicolour:  reaching for the note book  I keep by the bed, this was Idea 1

We were going to drive over to High Wycombe at 1:00, but as I was shutting down my computer my eyes got stuck on the name of a park. I could see what the the builders nearby were burying at midnight: I just happen to have a small note book I carry around in my handbag, this was Idea 2.

We were discussing the well-worn theme of boys who won't read, and the few books that have made a difference. Broadly speaking, the books that have worked had a few things in common: while hanging around as He-who-must-not-be-named took a car for a test drive, I made notes in my big book I brought along for the ride, this turned into Idea 3.

I was watching TV, programme over I was about to head upstairs to write when I flicked through the channels. It was one of those quirks, I read the words but somehow I didn't. The title I read had nothing to do with the programme. It was sooo funny, the book will have to be comedic too: hold on Muse, give me a break, I had hardly closed the notebook... Idea 4.

When I have a new idea I do research, and make notes so I don't forget. More than that, so I capture the flavour and the voice accurately.

Tomorrow I can get on with Will's story because he is half way through a beating, and I'm sure he'd prefer to be rescued.

Oh, and someone parked a sports car on my drive. Oh no, I remember... we bought it today. That didn't waste a lot of time ;)

I am still thankful that the Muse called around today and obviously brought a suitcase.

I am also thankful to hear that Roni Griffin was disturbed by the kind of phone calls we are all working so hard to achieve. CONGRATULATIONS! You have an AGENT! And what an agent too! *I'mhappydancingsohardI'mdizzy!

I signed up for a Dawn Ember's Blogfest - Wordpainting! Painting with words? I'll try that! Today, apparently. *yeah!


  1. Congrats on the Muse Visitation and the new car. It's a great pic.
    Yes, I do imagine Will would like some rescuing. ;)

  2. Hi Dominique
    If I could have both kinds of Muse visit, maybe at a 60/40 distribution I'd have been more than happy :)