Thursday 5 August 2010

Thankfully Thursday

The rest of the week, I aim to be as slick as a salesman or smart as his shiny suit but on Thursday I take my foot out of the door.

There is a scientific study examining the affects of generosity. The findings indicate that grateful people have higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination and ENERGY!

I don’t know where they put the probes but the list sounds most impressive.

How can you improve your general happiness? By being thankful!

I am a teacher so, this is a no-brainer but, I am thankful for the gift of learning.

I adored school as a child: colourful, stimulating and so much variety.

I benefitted from some amazing teachers. Most of whom had islets of totally inspiring enthusiasms, although not always about the lessons they were teaching.

Then I got to meld minds (without physical contact) and I’m not even Vulcan.

I’ve learned to be thankful for the opportunities provided by my teachers and a good education.

I'd like to thank  Miss Johnson (ICS and Carmel School) who said, “Stop fretting. Just write it down.”
Still good advice.

Did  you have a teacher who inspired you to write?


  1. I had an awesome advisor in high school named Mr. Simon. He stood up for me several times when my guardians kept trying to say I was worthless. He didn't inspire me to write, but he did help me love learning. Thanks Mr. Simon!

  2. I didn't have a teacher really who inspired me to write, but I had a favorite teacher, Mrs Orndorf. I enjoyed class because of her. Teachers have such an important impact on children.

  3. One of the reasons I became a teacher was because I didn't think kids had enough reading and writing in school. I didn't have any creative writing in high school and only 1 teacher in elementary school who gave us writing assignments. There were 2 assignments - 1 page each max.

    My fave high school English teacher was Mr. Georgy - introduced me to all kinds of science fiction and dystopian stuff - awesome!

  4. In high school, there was this English teacher with a devotion to literature like I haven't seen since, that got me to appreciate the classics.


    Hi Matthew - I'm glad Mr Simon provided the inspiration to love learning.

    Summer - Mrs Orndolf sounds like a great teacher. You have to love the ones that make you love being at school. :)

    Jemi - I echo, eerily, your appreciation of Mr Gregory. ;)

    Hi Crimey - it only takes one really great teacher to plant endless appreciation.

  6. Too bad I can't remember his name; but he was the first person ever to encourage me to write. I wrote my first novel in the 10th grade. Hand-wrote, in spiral notebook. He read the whole thing, offered some suggestions on writing techniques, and asked my parents permission to send it to a scholastic contest. Said he'd help me type it up and make it presentable.

    There was a fee involved for the contest, and my parents said no. That ended that dream for a long time. I still have that notebook somewhere.

    This was very nice of you Elaine. Its rewarding to thank people who inspire us. Thank you for thinking of this excercise.


  7. Hey Donna
    Thank you for your thanks :)
    Your teacher went that extra mile. It's a shame financial constraints held you back. That you still have the note book shows how important the experience of writing was.
    I have the only copy of my first, short story, thriller too. Written aged 13. I remember writing with such a burning passion. Some things don't change. ;)

  8. Ms Bosnic 1990 yr 10

    She told me I could actually write, a distinct difference to some other teachers who wouldn't have known if I was in the room or not.

    I am still inspired by her.