Tuesday 24 August 2010

TUUNNE - Noisettes - Atticus

When I need to write mellow and soulful, no one captures the mood like voice of Shingai Shoniwa, the lead singer of Noisettes.  

Really, she has to be one of the best singers around at the moment. During concerts this year she has sung clinging to a ladder suspended from the ceiling, jumping from pianos and climbing onto a bar. (She credits energy levels and the circus training she did when she was young.)

The Noisette’s pop songs blend soul, and disco, but when you listen closer you can hear all the way back to the blues. 

The album “Wild Young Hearts” is described as being about having “fun and not following the pack.” And there were have a lot in common: Caleb in  NEAR EDGWARE knows what the pack think he should do, and why. He chooses to walk a much more dangerous path. 

Who is Atticus, now?


  1. very interesting sound, I like it...thanks for posting

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  3. Hi Summer
    She has a beautiful voice, and she is a great performer too.
    (I don't mind leaving some typos, but I could not leave "and" spelled incorrectly :s)