Tuesday 3 August 2010



Plan B

Ben Drew created a concept album putting more than his soul into his work. These are songs with many parts, and only some of those are the tight harmonies you can hear.

The bitter-sweet songs on the album The Defamation of Strickland Banks tell the story of how the fictional Strickland Banks, a sharp-suited British soul singer, ends up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The story is told in 13 chapters that sound remarkably like songs.

Plan B takes street-hard rhymes and blends them with the mellowest sounds.

He looks raw and edgy, but crooning over the top of his acoustic guitar Ben Drew is more inspired than intimidating.

The track She Said is soul sweet with a bitter centre.

I can't write, without music filling the gaps between words. Plan B is playing, late into the night.


  1. I shall check this out. I am a lover of the music, and am always looking for new tunes :)


  2. I'm glad you found my post on revisions helpful! James Scott Bell is a genius as far as craft books go. :)

    I can't listen to music when I write. It must be silent.

  3. I wish I could listen to my favorite tunes while I write, but it's too distracting. Bummer! :-)

  4. I'm totally the opposite... i can't focus on writing at ALL when I have music playing. I get too distracted!

  5. Jm! Long time, no see-ish.
    The Ben and Plan B are genius!

    Hi Katie - looks like I'm lucky enough to have input from geniuses in one day :)

    Hi Shannon and Erin
    I wish you the peace you need for writing.

    But like, no?! Imagine the big expanse of world beyond the page/screen all empty? Scary thought.
    I put one track - the one with the correct mood on constant repeat. If I run out of steam I change the track. So often a word or phrase will jump out of the next track and off I go again. ;)

  6. I can't listen to music when I write - I need total silence. This sounds great, though.

  7. I need complete silence to write, but the ideas come when I'm listening. I've been checking out some of the tracks here on your recommendation and love them! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Susan
    Glad you liked Plan B
    I wish you all the peace you need for writing.:)

    Hi MC
    This is like the Silent Writers' Convention here ;)
    Your Mummers' track Serenity was very beautiful.