Friday 20 August 2010


The free word of the day is freehand.

Writing freehand is scary.
The journey from triangulated pencils or moulded finger grips, has been travelled.
Over lines and through squares on the paper, I progressed to A4 plain.
Now I like writing freehand.

Freehand art produces something that is always unique and fresh. Not mechanically replicated.

But It’s impossible for any subject, in art or writing, to be truly unique: the first time it has been thought of or made. But writing freehand is what I try to do when I write. OK, maybe that would be more figurative than literal.

I visualise the world and the characters I have created. I see it happening, while I am writing. As far as mechanical aids and devices go my plan says where I have to go, I even know the titles for each chapter. But I’m writing freehand so I don’t try to walk the line. When writing freehand I keep the plan, like the ruler, well below (safety net style) so the words aren’t misshapen and odd.

Are you a freehand writer too?


  1. I do both. I like to jot down notes and ideas in a notebook, but type up the bulk of the story on the computer.

  2. I actually never write by hand - it's all done on the computer. So much easier that way for me :)

  3. I'm not usually. I'm a little quicker on the keyboard. But I will jot down by hand a scene or some dialogue that pops into my head.

  4. Sherrie, Jemi and Jennifer
    Hi there.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)
    Don't you think there is something quite magical about the moment before you write? No matter how much time you've spent planning, don't you love the seconds just before your fingers hit the keys?