Saturday 21 August 2010

Bridging the need for peace and reflection

When I need to press refresh, I know exactly which button to hit. Everyday activities are the surface tension that keeps the important things from breaking through. Finding sanctuary allows you to look a little deeper.
I find peace and reflection can be found in the middle of town. I have two special places.
When I am looking for peace and reflection I go to Cassiobury Park. 
Specifically I go to the three bridges in the park: two that span the river and the red-bricked one that overlooks the Grand Union Canal.
I find peace and reflection where there are reflections. 
When you are looking for the same, where do you go?


  1. I usually go inside myself, and wherever I can do that successfully is where there is peace and quiet. Lack of noise and people. It may be a closed room in my house, it may be a walk somewhere, or sitting down in the corner of my garden.

  2. My 11-month old is far from helium-filled, but if I can walk the dog with my IPod, it's a good battery-charger.There's a small wooded area neraby that's perfect.

  3. I go hiking - either up on the moors or in the Derbyshire Dales. The dramatic landscape is always inspiring.

  4. Hi Karen
    I agree, trying to look inside is hard with out quiet. I love the sound of your tranquil places.

    Hi Will
    But an eleven month old toddler? That is such a great age. I spent hours watching mine sleep. Your woodland is great idea for peace and tranquillity.

    Hi MC
    Moors and dales? An expansive and dramatic way to find sanctuary.

  5. Those are lovely pictures.

    I walk along the beach or bay for peace and reflection.

  6. Great pics :)

    I tend to walk the neighbourhood.

  7. Hi Medeia
    You live near the beach and the bay? Wonderful. Lots of reflections to reflect over.

    Hi Jemi
    The streets are a good too. I find myself gazing in at windows - great for inspiration and, perhaps, getting to know the neighbourhood's community cop ;)