Sunday, 15 August 2010


I’ve been back for about half a day now.

Checklist of jobs done:
1 washed up at 3am (yes, my teens had done that much) – they claimed the delft mountains were no more than two day's worth – awesome!
2 Slept
3 Created a mountain of laundry with the same zeal as Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters - carved my way through the north face so far
4 Used, checked and re-checked the scales
5 Looked for something more active to do.... Twitter and read my emails
6 Researched Q from James Bond –  on the holiday, I realised that I didn’t know: do you know his real name?
7 Went shopping – the “few friends who came around for tea” obviously left with the contents of my freezer under their arms; I felt like Little Miss Hubbard
8 Went for a long walk in the park, and home
9 Thought long and hard about what I wanted to post
10 Discovered, the reason why my scales are not reading the same numbers they were when I left:

Others might have suspected that the chef at the four star hotel was, pound for pound, a bit good, but I knew there had to be a better reason why my scales were claiming extra weightage. Did you know that the sun’s gravity is 28 times greater than that of planet Earth?
So, I figure, when tanning, in hotter climes and 4 star hotels, you absorb gravity at a rate more closely resembling the sun’s. 
Have you never noticed that when the tan fades the pounds disappear too?
Scientific mystery solved: tanning makes you gain, not only weight, but mass, relative to the sun’s gravity.

I am so glad that mystery is solved. : )


  1. LOL, what a concept, this would be something huge for a character. Thanks for posting!

  2. Good research! I like that :)

    So, what's Q's real name???

  3. Great explanation. :)

    Sundays are also my shopping and laundry days.

  4. I'm liking the theory! Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  5. Hi Summer,
    You have me thinking - PS - pseudo-scientist suspects - I think it would work well as a cartoon!
    Hi Jemi
    Back from the tennis at the same time as I crawled home from raving it up in Ibiza! ;)
    Turns out it was a trick question: Q stands for Quartermaster. He is usually called Boothroyd - (Geoffery or Horace) Boothroyd. Major Boothroyd was an advisor to Ian Fleming. He helped him make sure his weaponry right in his books (ah the days before the internet!) Horace was the Junior James Bond cartoon's offering.
    Hi Medeia
    Food shopping and laundry rank right up there with hoovering and dusting! ;)
    Hello MC
    I'm a theoretical scientist ;)
    It is nice to be home, and working.

  6. I know all about the mountain of laundry (just got back myself), but I had no idea I could blame the sun for making me heavier. :)

  7. Hi Shelby
    I am happy I was able to help solve the mystery ;)

  8. Created a mountain of laundry with the same zeal as Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters - carved my way through the north face so far.

    Classic!!! :)