Tuesday 17 August 2010

TUNE Kele - Everything You Wanted

I love Bloc Party, their live performances were phenomenal.
I put them on when I was writing NEAR EDGWARE and let Kele provide the voice of Caleb’s struggles.

Then Kele broke away to make his solo album: The Boxer.

In this track, Everything You Wanted, the lyrics and the video show why he continues to inspire me. The lyrics are guilt-ridden.

Kele is precise:
  • when he explains why this relationship ended
  • how it feels to know you are responsible for the disintegration
  • where the pain bites deepest

This is no 2-D performance, Kele tries to show the truth from the protective crust to the molten core.


  1. I love finding great music to go with my scenes and/or characters. Makes it feel so much more real. :)

  2. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi Summer
    Kele is definitely that! ;)

    Hi Karen
    I agree with you, music creates the mood. I always start writing by compiling a song list :)

    Hi Jemi
    This track has such a lovely sound.

    I recommend the live BBC 6 version further along. Kele's voice is just as true when he mellows-it-out live.

  4. BLOC PARTY's The Pioneer is on repeat - desperate actions in USURY - it is not all under control and she will need a lot more than time.