Sunday 26 September 2010

THE WISDOM AND IMAGES - I'll flag you down and divert you...

Cornelia Read's post on the Lipstick Chronicles's has made me laugh so hard she hurt my head cold. This has put back the healing process by at least a couple of days. I'm going to find paracetamol, perhaps you could go and read 100 Way Not To Write Your Book. 
I found it hard to select my favourite picture because the Karma Sutra of Reading and The Starbuck's Hopper tickled, thankfully, only my funny bone -- but it did reverberate through my fuzzy-hypersensitive sinuses.


  1. You were right, that was damn funny!

  2. Thank you for sharing that. It made me laugh aloud. "Fine eyes." :)

  3. Hi Dominique
    That line and the "Caroline Bingley is all astonishment" really creased me up :)