Saturday 4 September 2010


            The voice, rising from angry to panicked within a syllable, shook Vine. Her knees, shaky before, trembled so intensely the glow from the brand she carried leaped along the smooth, stone walls.

Summer and Glynis, kind, writery-type friends, have agreed to help me on my quest. I'm searching for the right words to craft into a post-hyborian romantic fantasy. Anyone for a new genre? 

Depending on where I start, I could be writing fantasy with a romantic element or an elemental romance with fantasy veined throughout. Which way do you think I ought to go?

The story keeps turning YA - stop! Stop! This isn't what I planned...

The aching cold inside her chest did not diminish, but the chill pervading her skin receded. The patting continued on her shoulder, gentle and slow, hesitant.
“I’m sorry, Vine. Not sorry you’re alive, though. I’m sorry I did not speak up when Fyren p-layed that ... joke.” She continued to inspect Vine’s face and clothes, “You appear very healthy for a tyro who went to stroke the krokatris. I know you went. I saw you in the tunnel. Heard them shriek, when I ran to aid you.”
“You didn't run very fast.”


  1. I'd go romantic element, you might end up with a wider readership than if your book is badged as a romance. But then again, there are an awful lot of romance readers out there. Ahh don't listen to me :-)

  2. Al
    I can think of no one who I would listen to more. Now if you want to read it and offer thoughts I'd pin both ears back surgically!!! ;)

    DAY 4 - technically DAY 4 ½
    10,015 words in the bag - or the book - probably better off there :)

  3. Good writing excerpt; but not enough for me to get a feel for genre.

    On the other hand, my first love is fantasy. I'd pick it over anything. It has to have a romantic love interest to make it interesting to me. But I'm not sure what the difference is between "fantasy with a romantic element or an elemental romance with fantasy veined throughout." They sound like the same genre to me.

    And just because your novel has a young person in it - 16 to 24 yo - doesn't make it a YA specifically. I think if you just write a good story, and not worry about what genre it fits into as you write, the end result will be all that matters.

    Story first; marketability as needed.

    Just my 2cents.


  4. Hi Donna
    I deliberately picked this setting because the guidelines in the houses of fiction - large and small - were most flexible when it came to historical or fantasy story lines.
    I think there is a fine line between the two, usually dependent on where the story starts.
    With Vine's childhood and her journey to discovery (fantasy with a romantic element) or at the moment when she meets the person who will become more than just a friend to her (a romance set in a fantastical setting).
    You love fantasy? O-oh?

  5. The answer is yes.


  6. I am enjoying every moment of reading your work. A romance fantasy was my immediate thought when I read the first page. ☺

  7. I'm going with romance fantasy :)