Tuesday 7 September 2010


Normally, Monday is reserved for pointless venting, which could pass as whinging or even moaning. On Monday, I would have. I would have logged on to let rip about something-or-the-other, but if I was going to do that I would have needed an INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!

I sound harsh? It’s the disappointment. Technically, I have an internet connection. I have a shiny black concave tower.  It has three blue-lit symbols, confidently displaying readiness and willingness to connect me with the wide-blue-yonder or the internet.

But the icon on my computer doesn’t care about the blue lights on the connectivity tower, it holds the power and it will not speak. My icon is red and cross. But fickle.

I took the warring parties, the computer and the tower, to arbitration. The yellow, blue and black cables tried to span the gulf, between my computer’s need to access the world and the tower’s ability to do it, unsuccessfully.

Oh, if I was prepared to log on, log off, crawl around behind and view the computer and the tower from the back, take out cables and do the process several times, I could get a connection. But it was like socialising with a couple on the verge of separation. It was hard to find the fun, not knowing when something insignificant would start them off again – ignoring each other.
It’s the unpredictability, the coaxing, the sneaking up on the connection trying to catch it unawares that is causing me the stress.

There is only so much you can do with code words and permissions, connections cannot be forced. I brought a hammer upstairs, uniting them against a common enemy. Seems to be working, so far  ;)


  1. LOLLOLLOL. Hammers do have that effect on inanimate objects, do they not?

  2. Hi Anne
    It was a long shot, but after trying every trick in the helpline's arsenal I had to give old technology a try ;)

  3. I did have to laugh at this post. I love hammers for all things technical!