Tuesday 21 September 2010

TUUUNE Florence And The Machine - HOWL

This is, just about, my favourite track on the album: LUNGS.
It's a paranormal romance, from start to finish. 
As far as plot goes, Florence has written a fully rounded storyline. 
If this song was a novel I'd be in the queue to buy it, as soon as the shop opened.
I'd go earlier, but not everything gets the JK treatment. ;)


  1. Oh my word I love that song! I also noticed the story elements to it. It's now firmly placed in my writing sound-tracks...

  2. Hmmm...I have never heard this one before. :-)

  3. Hi Misha
    Glad you love Florence. Check the rest of the tracks, there are a few winners on that CD. :)

    Hi Shannon
    I really recommend the songs, I sing-a-long-a Florence and The Machines all the time.

  4. Wow! thats an amazing voice and some bright hair. I've never heard this before but I'm glad you posted it.

  5. Hi Summer :)
    She is a floaty little-number ;)

  6. I love and hate songs that make me want a novel version of them. Because there's always a part of me that itches to go write it, and then remembers that whole copyright thing.

    I've been getting into Florence lately. Fun post, Elaine!

  7. Hi Hanna
    I think Florence's has already been written - it comes across as very Christine Feehan to me!