Saturday 25 September 2010

Mills and Boon NEW VOICES

So, here is how it goes:

I heard about the NEW VOICES Competition.

September was looking quiet.

 I have been in love with romantic fiction, with an historical setting and more than a touch of fantasy, since I read Beauty and the Beast when I was seven. 

What could go wrong?

I researched my historical period.
Worked out where the fantasy element would fit.
Created a few compelling characters.
Threw words at a page at a rate of knots.
Unravelled the words into sense with the help of my trusty Betas who have earned my ever-lovin' gratitude.

So, again, what could go wrong?

I took my eye off the ball -- off the calendar -- head like a colander: I almost missed the last date for uploading the story.
I  didn't write the pitch or my brief biographical details.
(I'm not looking too closely at either of those when I check, oh dear.)
Couldn't get worse?

OYIC - new version of Oy vey!

I up-loaded all the data but I didn't hit save.
Realised this when it didn't turn up -- 10/10 for checking.
Scrambled everything back together again because I had saved it all for just such an eventuality? That would be the other me.
Did it all again - slightly better, despite the hurry ;) 
Time was ticking down the final hours until the doors closed (figuratively)


In the wrong category.

It is hysterical -- historical -- currently in paranormal.  
(What do I normally write?)
Isn't paranormal always the home of the Magestry of Brython? NO.

It's HISTORICAL FANTASY -- I'm hysterical!

So anyway...  I entered my FIRST EVER COMPETITION (sort of) 

Check out:  FIRESTONES in the wrong category...

It has the best historical voice you are ever going to find in the paranormal section!

When Brython trembles before the thundering army of the Coraxcorus, ordinary people begin to lose their faith in Mage power. Vine, short-sighted but gifted, epitomises the toothless bite of the once powerful Magestry. Malnourished and marginalised, Vine is liberated when selected to approach the Halls of Elune for training. The Mage identifies her skills not in Metallurgy, as she expected, but in Divination. Near blind for more than sixteen years, the irony of a gift of sight is not lost on Vine.
Geai, injured by the blast that would have killed Oswin, Magesty to all Mages, is lost from the Ranks of Protection. Bound by his promise, to remain in Elune until the Health Seers can detect no trace of his injury, Geai is doubly doomed. He cannot return to Oswin’s side, and he must use his gift of farsight to watch the invader army and report their movements to the men fighting a war of lure and lash in the mountains.
Geai suspects Vine’s uncharted skills could help him escape the letter if not the spirit of his promise, Vine knows the cost of their bargain, but is prepared to pay it.


  1. Oh man, I've done that before too! So sorry that happened to you! But at least you seem to have a killer attitude. Good for you!

    I wish you all the best!

  2. Hi Ali :)
    There is nothing to be lost...
    I don't duck the quirks fate throws my way -- it is too dam* funny to field them. ;)

  3. That is completely something I would do. I hate nit-picky details. Good luck with it!! :)

  4. I'm sorry I couldn't help laugh. The way you described your flailing was something I have done myself.

    Congratulations and best of luck with this. I didn't find out about it until 2 days before the deadline closed and I just didn't have it in me to procure anything. Maybe next year.

  5. Hi Jemi
    If I was doing it again I'd read the instructions and put the details on the work planner. I forgot I'd need to do more than write the story ;)

    Hi Anne
    I'm not certain I had it in me either. I thought you were a dead cert for the competition.
    I was doing less laughing and more "pain"icking ;)

  6. Who knows--maybe it will work in your favor. The paranormal reader may be sick of vampires and were-persons and find your fantasy characters refreshing. Or she might pass your book on to the right reader, understanding that panic that happens to us all when we're navigating those online forms. Good to keep a positive attitude.

  7. Hi Anne
    I don't think they've made an anti-vampviral shot yet. No! Hold that thought. I just did! Oh dear, not another book idea. ;)