Thursday 30 September 2010


At the start of the week I was all geered up to find my diary. Not the leather backed ones that came later or the lurid, plastic covered one -- with the bad lock and the impossible-to-ever-locate key -- I knew I had a brown WRITER'S JOURNAL. 

The others I kept in my room, in a variety of hiding places, but the journal lived in my bag. I travelled to school, and it came with me. Sixteen miles from home to school and back. That was when I wrote. (This was a public service rather than a school bus.) I sat, back pressed against the window, note book on my knees, and wrote. 

THIS IS NOT ME, however... the uniform and the hair are right. At this age, I was all about the poetry.

At 12, I was big on the sea and rhyming.


See beyond, and there below, 
a stranger where he stands.
A silent figure, poised and still
upon the golden sands.
I know him not, yet understand
the wonder he now knows:
the sunlight on the water.
Silently    he turns    and goes

LATER, aged about 14

18th Century  Lovers Part 2 


There he stands the only man I'd marry
turns he -- when he sees me walking by.
How I'd love to show him of my feelings.
Never does he even catch my eye.

I've known this many months that I do love him.
Yet, surly does he seem, when I am near.
Could it be he really doesn't like me?
Often I have shed a lonely tear.

People say he's not the choice to marry:
no titled lord or prince to lighten life.
Merely, there he stands a common soldier.
Never would he want me for his wife.

Knowing this won't ever stop me feeling
that my life is nothing with out him.
Unrequited now, I leave this evening.
Leaving hurts. And going seems a sin.

I sooooooooooo always knew I was destined to write HISTORICAL for Mills and Boon.

What did you want to be when you were 14-years-old?


  1. I wanted to be a writer or a vetrinarian. I couldn't do math or science so the writing won out.

    Loved the second piece by the way. Soooo tortured.

  2. I wanted to be an actress at 14.


  3. Hi Anne
    I can see you as a vet. All pet-care-y. :)

    Hi Misha
    Actress? So dramatic ;)