Wednesday 29 September 2010

TUUNE THE KOOKS - Shine On. That's kooky, it isn't even Tuesday

With the sudden change from Indian summer to early winter, my head cold became a pain in the chest. Poor me : (  The first bug of the colder season had plenty of bite.
I'm on a diet of boy-flavoured music again. It was up to The Kooks to add a little light to my day.
I think lyrics are a window -- kind-of the stained glass view -- into the writer's psyche.

Safety pins holding up the things
 that make you mine
About your hair you needn't care
You look beautiful all of the time 

Luke Pritchard (THE KOOKS)  :)

But this section didn't feel very 2008.

Why do you bite the hand that feeds you?
Oh, why do you, why do you bit the hand that feeds you?

That felt very 1908 -- a socio-economic dynamic?! ;)

It isn't really the words I get out of it, it is the tone and the fervour.
It isn't what boys shout I want to hear, or even what they whisper to their mates -- although I heard some classics in the airport this summer, I need more of the internalisation and less face.

I missed blogging from my diary aged 14 and everything! BUMMER!
Tomorrow, my poems:  
See beyond -- yes the sea features.
18th century lovers - planned in three parts: He, She and They. I could post SHE without cringing until my heart stops beating.

Then, I found the hook for the book I planned to write when I was 14.
Wow! Even then I was a research freak. 
I studied the notebook section of the diary. Spun Google into action and I  felt the heart-squeeze thing.
I had written the hook for an epic idea - more spin-offs than the DARK series.
I pat my teen-age self on the back. She was good.
I know what I'm writing for NANO... Shine-on!


  1. Nice! I also fell over the hook for my third story (the one I'm not actively writing) yesterday.

    I also now know exactly what the book will be about. I also have the titles for two of the three books...

    Life was good. :-)

  2. Congrats on finding you NaNo project. :D

  3. Hi Misha - Don't you love it when the ideas flow? I'm dodging ideas they feel falling on me. I love the fact that this one feels different.:)

    Hi Stina
    Thanks :) The current historical-fantasy is well under way. I need more hours in the day. I have to finish this before before I start the new one.