Friday 1 May 2009

Will someone not rid me of this need to write on Blogs...

and Twitter?!

Oh dear! I'm seemed to be addicted to writing verse!

I only wandered onto Twitter because I noticed someone was ‘following’ – ‘back off with the smug’ all ye who have a mighty hoard following your every tweet! I’m excited!

While there, I noticed that Swine Flu (H1N1) is a popular topic for ‘tweeting’ at the moment – I came over 'all poetical' and had to write another Haiku.

Soon I'll be in need of interventions, or I’ll be communicating only in form poetry, then where will the family be? Poor things!

With most profound apologies to the Bard because I just couldn't resist it a little plagiarism (seems to be every where at the moment):


Out! Out! Damned germ spot!
One! Two! Then pestilent 'flu!
Will hands ne'er be cleaned?

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