Saturday, 30 May 2009

Done ... until the next time I read it through

Return of the editor complete...

I'm beyond tired and a little sad - I really do feel that the only thing left to do on 'Not exactly as long as it was...' is purely cosmetic proof reading.

So - final word count - 92,330 words in 269 pages.

I even have one day left of the holiday to do some serious work planning - 11 English lesson to the end of the Y6 course - another sobering thought.

We will be giving lots of time over to 'Treasure Island - the musical' - a scary thought!

I even feel all parent-ally having made time to take the offspring to Thorpe Park and persuading the challenged one to give the rides that have a height restriction a go. It was a good day.

The boring stuff beckons:
Now for the other things to do -
  • marking
  • housework
  • working
  • shopping

Well I have one whole day - no problem!!

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