Wednesday 13 May 2009

Not exactly writing

Been working on the re-editing - go Beth!! 105,000 words and shrinking!

I think of the book - in this form - as the Haiku version of the first - edited and abridged etc

Have been writing poetry about relationships on Twitter - I-quote keeps dragging me (kicking and screaming) there, so here we go:

UN-KNOWN Knowing sounds certain- More self examination; psych-emeleon

HUMAN? Not really human: bitter, depressed and mourning - feels - somehow - other

RELATIONSHIPS RUST Neglect encrusts care; you tarnish the core of love, take it for granted

Sestina -six word poem
In-relationship's comfortable is dull in-sensitivity now.

EYES SEE OUT We live our lives, each thought, word, feeling and deed, so why are we self-blind?

(Nathan Bransford says...)
TIMELESS NOT TIMELY Eye to brain and heart, words digested are soul's food. Salves spirit - melds mood!

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