Thursday 28 May 2009

Good Day at the Editorial Office

The only good days are the ones ending in submissions so, unlikely as it may be, I actually managed to complete an online submission today : -0

Give or take the big blog fun I'm only just off one hand's worth of those.
The Haiku version of the book has never been turned down - word count 95,000 and perhaps it coud be tweaked a little lower! Yes, it still, still has all plots, sub-plots and themes.

And what's with i-Quote posting twice everyday? Keeping the writing brain busy - 'cos lets face it editing isn't writing!?! elaineamsmith on Twitter i-Quote response Haikus. Check them out! I love them!

Plus I got READING TICKETS :-0 :-0 (Double oooh! So much more expansive!)

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