Tuesday 5 May 2009

Dusting off brain cells

Editing is a challenge ...

It's not so much the twice written descriptions I object to cutting. Once is enough.
I'm treating the book as a Haiku challenge - how few words can you use and still say the same thing?
Worryingly, I have found myself changing words and substituting not 'up-levelled' vocabulary but 'dummed-down' instead.
I read the advice on self-editing I found on the on-line writers forum entitled 'Kill the baby'.
This is just so apt - I do think of the book as a member of the family.
I have kept a copy of the 'whole thing' and am not unhappy comparing the original manuscript with the new one. Briefer and tighter - no wasted spaces and all that - the story is still true to the intent.
I have begun Edit 2 - Return of the editor!
Every word is again fighting to explain it's presence on the page

I even managed to comment without feeling the need to count syllables or look for appropriate rhymes - phew!
I was worried when I woke up and realised I was counting my first thoughts in syllables - composing almost in my sleep! That is taking Haiku poet status to an unhealthy place!

Only the 4 Haikus today and that was because Twitter wasn't updating in real enough time!

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