Thursday, 28 May 2009

Not exactly sure I can leave it alone

I thought it couldn't be tweaked again - until I read it this morning




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Dad parked in front of the familiar redbrick building, but even from here I could see that things had changed. Above the white stone entrance there was a new school crest. It showed a beast standing on two legs, with sharp teeth, lolling tongue and limp front claws, that leered down at the visitors to school.
“D-ifferent!” I commented as I hurried around the car to join him.
“Umm! Mr Jenson’s ‘lost’ toupee isn’t still flying from the flag pole?”
“No-one ever proved that was me,” I squeaked but my footsteps faltered.
Dad smiled, with a steely glint, as he put one hand on my shoulder to keep me walking forward. We stepped into the reception area, then pressed the buzzer by the viewing window, and waited. A tall woman, with two biros stored through the bun on the back of her head, marched briskly over from her desk at the back of the office.
Dad was distracted by her unusual hair accessories, “G–ood Morning. I’m Simon Trainer, and this is my daughter Jess. We’re here to see the Headteacher.”
She whipped a pen out of bun storage and tapped it on the desk as she checked the Head’s diary, “Mr McIntyre is in his office. I’ll just let him know you’ve arrived. Please push the green button and I'll let you in.”
Dad and I exchanged glances that condensed his lectures and my promises to small, but significant, facial twitches. Then I pushed, and the lock release. We walked into the brown, tiled corridor and sat while we waited.
“Mr McIntyre will see you now,” called the assistant as she approached.
We followed her into the room which was dominated by a long curving desk. Mr McIntyre was reaching into one of the furthest drawers. He seemed to freeze for a moment. I watched him draw a deep breath before he swivelled around.

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