Sunday, 15 March 2009

When 'no worse' is good news

You know things are bad when you feel relieved that things are 'no worse' - and you find yourself convincing yourself that it sounds more hopeful than 'no better'.

Tomorrow I set off for France with forty-odd children - but it could be worse because I could be setting off with forty odd-children. I was, and still am, looking forwards to it ( in-charge of notwithstanding).

What's with that word - notwithstanding? It's a comedy word - got to be one of Shakespeare's inventions - I can just see him sucking on the end of his quill trying to find a word that matched his meter and rhyme - 'Oh pebbledash! I'll have to invent another word ... got it - notwithstanding on the landing .... gadzooks! I've got it!'

Hysteria strikes again.

I've noticed that I have a propensity for writing the word 'hysteria/-erical' in my blogs - could I just suggest you pop in and help my other half out this week - while I'm finding the forty-odd a piece of cake in comparison - and we'd see how often you thought it; felt it; wrote it.

Speaking of which (writing - I mean) I spent hours today transferring the key notes for four chapters into a very large note book to take with me to France. Chances of writing 32,000 words in five days and four nights - with pen and paper - seem quite slim but I was preparing for all eventualities today.

Preparation check list:
  • Prepared for everything weather related from monsoons to heatwaves
  • Illness related from both ends of the digestive tract to external conditions and internal ones too
  • Considered other key areas related to financial - animal, vegetable and mineral

I think I'm ready to go.

Now, as long as we're not invaded by Martians I think I've got everything covered.

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