Friday, 13 March 2009

I've got that balance thing not sorted

Day two in Victorian Watford

The social experiment is progressing well - hysteria equals bathing in a wash bowl.

If my work life balance was a vision of harmony and equilibrium I would have:
  • called a plumber when the boiler opted for not working
  • done the pile of work I brought home
  • made actual food - as opposed to skilfullycombining ingredients from the chip shop ((with frozen peppers and sweetcorn) - that made it sound almost healthy - sorry for that gross exaggeration of the nutritional content of the food)
  • learned how to set up and blog - found it lost it and found it again
  • written
  • read
  • slept

Can brackets have barackets - oh no back to the supported group for writing development!

Can I XOXO like Gossip Girl? 'OXO OXO' - oh look there's me - right on trend!!

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