Sunday, 29 March 2009

sshhh! More to Muse about ... 'Not Exactly Human'

I'm whispering this - very quietly - not wishing to attract the attention of the cosmic force that I know tracks such things (and then creates ever more inventive ways to block my path to the post office) but the submission is actually ready to go ~~ : ( I can't put the real punctuation mark because that kind of thing would alert the sleeping Harbinger of Anti-writing }: (

It will hit the back of the post box on Monday - in Staff Meeting? or ... or ... or next Friday - but I'll be suicidal if it hasn't gone by then - psychosomatically sulphurous - with little trace of my 'WTF', 'laissez faire', 'if it doesn't kill me it is designed to make me stronger and ensure I have plenty to write about' attitude to life.

I'm celebrating my imminent success in completing the submission and getting it into a post box

I celebrated finishing the first manuscript too:

Now, I know this is the wrong way around but I celebrated the completion of 'Not Exactly Human' by writing a concept album for Muse - I know this is not the standard way around when using the albums as a rich source of ideas - so close it is almost like using the lyrics as a writing plan worked for others
But I genuinely spent two evenings writing song lyrics - for Muse - nothing but the best for me ('Park' boys' notwithstanding).

Anyone in the know - who could let Matt and the others - sorry this is writers short-hand for trying not too appear too geeky/knowledgeable/stalker-y - know that if they're having trouble with that tricky fifth-ish album they should make contact! I've ten fully completed (linked) lyrics all written and ready for them to work out the easy (musical) bit..!!!!

Song titles include:

  • Have to
  • Centre of Attention
  • Only Human


My favourite must be the completed lyric 'Muse gets the Christmas number one with....' :

Lonely Christmas AKA Wanted It Until I Got It


It's 2:50pm and the Harbinger has alreay stolen one hour from me today - I've Lit planning directed 'from on high' - not that high - the visiting inspector thinks I should plan 5 weeks on Dr Who - now don't get me wrong I love him in all his guises - from the behind the sofa stage to the leaning forward eagerly head in hands stage - but 5 weeks? Even the obsessive in me is balking at this one - 'ours not to question why' apparently..


Trial or Number one has returned to barking - I thought we'd cured that habit of his - the sunlight seems to have brought it back - I banned him from going to ASDA for barking - how many parents get to write that!!

Tribulation or Number two is dating - argh!!!! Just when I thought my life couldn't get much more complicated. Now I truly know the meaning of fear! Lovely boy really - but I couldn't eat a whole one!!



I know you think you see me
You think you know it all
You cannot hope to comprehend
Unless you want the quickest end
So brawl and crawl and haul and fall
You cannot know it all

Rip me from your senses
Tear me from your heart
Scratch me from the surface
Gouge your soul apart

I know you study all my moves
You think you know it all
You do not want to understand
But maybe on the other hand
You want to brawl and crawl and fall
So you can know it all

Rip me from your senses
Tear me from your heart
Scratch me from the surface
Gouge your soul apart

Know when you are a danger
Because you know it all
The truth that you appreciate
Comes with it fear and with it hate
They’ll make you crawl and make you fall
Because you know it all

Rip me from your senses
Tear me from your heart
Scratch me from the surface
Gouge your soul apart

It’s not enough to love you
Deception keeps you safe
It’s not enough to say I care
But knowing that it isn’t fair
I’d brawl and crawl and haul and fall
So you can know it all

by Elaine AM Smith

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