Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hope in the soap that is life

Hope - a little like the moisture on the outside of the dam wall when the cinematographer is letting you know something major is building up - is thinking of making its presence felt ...

I'm not saying I'm ready to engage in some 'Julie Andrew's style running up a mountain spinning' form of celebration - (not just yet) but my friend was able to give her full name and date of birth - when questioned yesterday - she turned over once too! These two momentous occurrences hold - not just the promise of improvements today - they contain the hope that we had no longer really believed would be possible - ...................... yep that one! I'll just settle for thinking it at the moment; I'm risking nothing. Maybe on the day they let more than just close family into her room I'll allow that thought to fully form. My hope bubble feels as insubstantial as a soap one at the moment but it is certainly a whole lot bigger than it was two days ago.

The Bransford debacle aka - Oh shucks!!
Not wishing to say I'm a bit of a novice in the posting - 'blog' not 'box' - department (although the case could be made both ways - all things considered) I seem to have commented identically twice on the only blog I follow daily! Panic - what can I say? I used to misplace my own blog periodically - so this is still learning on the steep side of the curve.

I couldn't get my tickets for READING 2009 - the cheap way - in the first hour - don't you just hate internet connections that are faster than yours? Never mind, I just need to find a more inventive way to track down a now ludicrously over-priced ticket or more!

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