Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Grim things are so hectic I did get time for the Bransford Blog!

My friend is not exactly making a speedy recovery and this time, after the panic when the life support machine was almost needed on Saturday - 'no worse' is definitely good news! It isn't 'now worse' like it was on Saturday - grim!

Quiet week at the Smith household:
  • My Math and English books are in for 'work scrutiny' by the advisors Thursday
  • The other Smith just has the class assembly and lesson observation combination to deal with
  • Multi-services disciplinary meeting for the non-neuro-typical offspring Tuesday same day as the compulsory First Aid Refresher course need to help run a football club - (the other spare time activity I haven't even mentioned so far -(starting the minute my Chess Club ends - the other other thing I do that hasn't had a mention yet))
  • A school football tournament and Football training to run on Friday (the other, other, other thing I fit in with the work life balance)
  • Transporting to the Friday tournament and the Wednesday match just to add spice to the complications
  • The Mouse's big concert at the end of the week - I'm looking forward to it and hope to avoid sleeping through it!

The first of my Keep-fit nights has bitten the dust already this week - this is not making me exactly chuffed - but hey no-one is mentioning brain damage in my direction so as far as a spectrum of challenge to misery goes I'm peppy as a cheerleader!

I don't see a big writing week in the offing - but I really, nearly am going to get that subscription into the post!

I've got a teacher's sized Easter holiday coming soon - yum - Still Writing - I like Jess and Caleb's world it's so uncomplicated!

Half past two in the morning so it is probably late enough now for sleep - zzz!

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