Sunday, 22 March 2009

Patient X claims its next victim

Well whoever said it should be a normal Saturday - what is normal?

'Mousie in the housie' is sadly Patient X's next victim - poor thing!

With her concert she is singing in tomorrow looming large we're hoping for the speedy version of the bug.

Still Writing - laughing in the face of adversity - and vomit - again!!

I spent the day researching and writing a submission - remember the one I was going to do last Saturday before the teenage version of man-flu struck the 'Bull in the china shop' version of offspring? - Yep! That one! That is the one I've been preparing.

The web-site has asked for three things I've never had to prepare before so I had to write those.

I needed to really know which of the three agencies which I've been researching I stand the best chance with and which agent. I decided that careful research should cut down on 'hopes disappointed' and the impact on global de-forestation that mailing out 60 x 40ish pages would create.

Nearly really - really, nearly, really - reading for posting (obviously I have not discounted the fact that an areoplane on its flight path over our house may decide to fall on it) but aside from that kind of interruption I can confidently suggest that I might just possibly get the bloody thing into the post box sometime in this millenia!!

Now for some sleep - although it is a little early - for tomorrow - as yet!

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