Saturday, 14 March 2009

As sure as little eggs

So - I think it's Saturday morning - TODAY IS THE DAY!

Two sets of chapters one to three ready to go - I do that now post out in pairs - the certainty that one submission is all it will take a dim and distant memory - I do two at a time now! Some way to go until I get to sixty in a mail shot as I heard from someone else.

But no - back to the subject under discussion - two submissions ready to go (apart from the 'hike' to the post office and the buying the never going to bio-degrade plastic bag-lets and investing in the stamps times two - make that four) - really nearly ready to go!

So what could go wrong with my plan for the morning? Missing out-reach carers? No, that was last week - this week it's teenage flu.

Check list for the guilt life balance:
  • still writing
  • still posting,
  • still packing for France,
  • still juggling

I think the periodic groans from the room next door are a nice touch!

Oh well - carers to cancell - submissions to post - plumbers to wait in for

Not so much OXO as 'Oh No' !

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