Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Too tired to focus on the keyboard for more than .... zzz


I did my first piece of Beta Reading with my captive audience. Wouldn't let the class go home until they'd read part one of the book ;)

Nah! Four enthusiasts read it through for Guided Reading - AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4, AF5, AF6 and AF7 all in one thirty minute session. I did them a favour, really! They had the opportunity to question the author and have an input into how the story could have been improved to meet the needs of the target audience.

I added the sections they thought would help them. Apparently it is a great idea to be rescued, at high speed, from a rugby match but could I slow down, and write more detail when I was doing it: music to my ears!

Nanowrimo Word Count verified at 3,997 zzz


  1. Brave girl!! I bet everyone enjoyed themselves :) Sure sounds like they did from the comment!

  2. That's awesome--although I don't think I'd like being present for a critique. I'd rather have any criticism emailed to me. (I'm a big sissy.)

  3. Hi Wendy and Jeni
    Thanks for dropping by and chatting.
    The work, marking,meeting,marking got right in the way of my writing time. This is me "starting" at 23:50!

    I have no inhibitions at all about reading to, or working with, a group of 10 and 11 year olds from draft one on. I love it. I watch their faces changing as they're reading and predict what it was that made their lips twitch or foreheads frown. The world that I created reflecting on their faces.

    :-) That was me grinning as the boys discussed Jon and Nerysa and the bike scene!

  4. Yes, the feedback of students is reflected in their faces/ eyes! It gives the teacher a high!
    Keep it up!
    The rapport !

  5. That's so cool!! Thanks for stoppin by my blog and for following. :) Come stop by my blog again if you get the chance I'm hosting a blitz with Escape With Romance, all you have to do is comment and you could win one of four books!!