Saturday, 21 November 2009

Piton perfect! Climbing the columns of NaNoWriMo shame!

Working hard to claw my way back on track - 4,000 + words so far to day - yeah!

JJ and Nerysa find the perfect place to hide out

In this genteel area of London, Connaught Close crouched behind its refined neighbours and lowered the tone. It was a rusted sliver of the old city surrounded by the silver of new money.
Jon walked into the dark that had nothing to do with the clouds that covered the moon. Even the street lights in Connaught Close seemed to shine less brightly. The rays were absorbed by the blackened stone walls that no one had sand blasted; although the neighbours would be happy to attempt it with a little dynamite.

Have a few more hours to work 30,300 currently

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