Monday, 2 November 2009

A fairly uneventful day

So, what did you do today?

Today I took a good Maths plan provided by one of the County Advisory teams and uplevelled it - state-of-the-art not bit-of-a-state! Then, I began on the English planning.

Would you like to know about AFs (in each area of the core subjects)? Or how to build tasks to enable you to have all the data you need - from every lesson you teach - to make APP and PPMs a breeze? Nah, didn't think so!>) *spot the chuckle*
However, the offer is there. Look me up in the dictionary you'll find me there under Geek :)

Then I went to my first firework display of the year - Oh! Ah!

Finally I wrote for NaNoWriMo!! !! !

STAYING LOST by Aleanbh!

Verified number of words so far: 2,649 - and a graph that shows me ahead of target. I'm going to be a happy bunny right up to the moment my alarm goes off at 06:30 and says I have to get up for school.

I went to Borders to chat to Steve - who might be feeling a bit bored passing the time in between signing copies of his book - which they actually sell at my mecca. Who Steve? Writer Steve! Well known author the Changling series.

Steve says he can stay home all day and write now! Colour me green! I wanna do that.

I'd do that. I'd be good, and write heaps, and have to be reminded to pay attention to the changing seasons let alone the hours that pass each day. Oh shucks!

Congratualtions Steve Feasey. (He just does books for a living!)


  1. I echo your congrats to Steve - and your envy :)

    I spent most of my day on the mundane weekly chores and creating comments for the report card season around the corner. I did about 1900 words for NaNo. Hoping to do a few more before I sleep!

  2. There are days of boredom, when you can avail of it and write as beautifully as you do!