Sunday, 22 November 2009

So near and yet so far away

Word Count verified at 34,800

JJ finds himself at a very different kind of school

Tyburn Trees Junior still has an executioner - who has yet to learn the meaning of humane, although from the insults he uses he is aware of human - in its narrowest sense.

JJ has lost his father, his home, his school, his friends, his hair colour - he's trying to find out who he is. He is doing better at realising who he isn't.

“Who is he to tell us how to be?” Connor grumbled.
“Like, what’s with the bowing – like he’s some freaking prince or something.”
“Still, better him than that spaz Newt.”
“We’ll see. If Newt splats his nose off his face,” Bright thrust a fierce upper cut into the air as they walked, “I say we walk with his pack again.”
“I hate him though.”
“Better hating behind him, than having him hate us.”
“True. But it felt good - not being in Newt’s crew this morning.”
“Let’s see if Jonas comes back again tomorrow.”
“Bright... he has to live through today first.”

So, what's new?!


  1. Sounds intriguing, Elaine. Great voice coming through :)

  2. Jemi
    I love it when you stop by - do you have Hermione Granger's time turner?
    I'm looking forward to reading your Steam Punk too.
    I'm missing out on so much Blog reading this month!

  3. Two thumbs up. I like that its not bogged down with a lot of description.

  4. Enigmatic writing! Why are you missing out on other blogs this month?
    Do post a comment on mine...