Monday, 9 November 2009

Nanorimo update

I slaved this week: to keep the school work done and to make the NaNoWriMo count each day. I was forced to write until crazy hours to keep up. This Friday I marked as many things as possible, for hours on end. I cleared my lists and freed up time to write.

VERIFIED TOTAL: 15,435 Words
I've been playing with POV alternating between the correctly spoken public school boy: Jon Jacob Ashton and his ex-Navy SEAL bodyguard: Nerysa Na-gah Nuwuvi (Paiute).
I enjoyed researching legends to find a suitable hero that Nerysa could live up to; SEAL training; Gold BUD badges; watches suitable for diving at greater depths; gun performance with and without silencers;motorbikes;the correct desert cactu; ghost mining towns;the direction the sun sets in the one I selected to re-name;airfields suitable for International travel and a few other things!

Dust billowed behind the motorbike; it mushroomed high like an atomic cloud. It showed the world, or the 22 residents of Dry Creek anyway, that someone was coming – coming fast. Nerysa knew that this was not a covert arrival but that couldn’t be helped: her Mama was in trouble. She was one of the five people who mattered as far as Nerysa was concerned. She had called and Nerysa came.


  1. Wow, you really have been on a research binge!! You might need a week for just sleeping when NaNo's done :)

  2. I get sucked into research mode too. It does sound like you might need to spend the first week of December in mental hibernation. Good job on your progress.

  3. Hi Jemi and Wendy,
    My aspirations are a lot less grand than that - I'd settle for being able to fit in four hours sleep a night, that-is-for-certain!
    I'm working to make the writing as close to final re-edit as I can, from the outset - no yellow submarines in this manuscript, although there is potential to include one (Navy SEAL and all that!)

  4. Hard work, long hours always pay! Great writing, but do get required hours of sleep. It's essential!