Thursday 1 December 2011

Well I never Blogfest

I already had two reasons to be cheerful: 

Not that Manchester United made my day
yesterday but that was November ;)
1  December has started! In our preparations for Christmas, we’re all chocolate Advent calendars and cheer, already. 

2  National Novel Writing Month is a thing of the past. ;) 

Congratulations, if you won: if you wrote 50,000 words or more within 30 days. 

I’d started my wip in October, so, although I’ve been writing I didn’t take part in NaNoWriMo for 2011.

If you finished your novel remember now is the time to put the thing to bed – not to query - the poor book is exhausted after that huge growth spurt.   

It’s a bit of a teen at the minute. If you leave it alone and let it rest for a while it’ll be so much easier to get it to do anything quality later.  ;)

After all, ‘tis the season of reflection and rest (and, maybe, a little revision) 

Then, Bloghopping around today, I found a third reason to have a bright and shiny day: 

Vicki Rocco is holding her Well, I never Blogfest 

Well, I never:

Sorry to be predictable but I never thought I'd write a book. 

When I was growing up, I ate, slept and read books (all at the same time)  :

I read on the bus.

I read when I was walking.

I read at the dinner table (or thought about the book when it was taken away and shelved)

And I didn’t sleep that much at all. When I went to bed, I sat on the window ledge and read by street light.  

How I would’ve loved to have been living where I do today. In our house's multi-cornered position – I counted – there are seven different streetlights all illuminating my bedroom; it is bliss! However, all that beaming electricity is wasted on me now no one tells me off for having the light on two hours after I’ve gone to bed. (I have to add, when it comes to illumination irritation, my husband could sleep on the surface of the sun – give or take the other problem with the sun’s surface.) 

Still, I never thought I’d write a book.

I have one of those spelling things that only spell checker and access to the internet’s instant reassurance could cure. 

Did you know some dyslexics can read? Somehow though, the same spellings we can recognise when we're reading are tricksy little bleeders to pin down one letter at a time.

My teacher used to say deciphering my stories was like mining for gold, like knowing there was treasure and she just had to work a little harder to reveal it. She said I made sure it was worth the effort.

(If you are interested, I learned lots of words and carry a card with any words I know I’d mis-spell if I panic.) 

Well, I never: one day, I sat down and started writing a book. 

I have finished four.  

Now, all I need to do is find an agent who loves my stories as much as I do.

Short of re-enacting scenes from Misery, I work at improving my skills and polishing my manuscripts.
Was there something you didn't believe you would ever be able to do?


  1. Yay! That's mine, too! I figured it was pretty predictable, but whatevs. Here's to doing the unexpected and loving it! :o) <3

  2. From one dyslexic to another...*Waves* I love to read (though I'm slow) and love to write, though I can't spell worth a hoot. I will be eternally grateful for spell check.

    We're in good company. Cher, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Lewis Carroll to name just few.

  3. Dyslexics are why they invented editors. I've been using an editor since junior high :o)
    Best of luck with your books.


  4. That's awesome! I almost added that to my list, but didn't. I told my friends when I was little that I was going to be an author, but somehow I never stopped to consider I'd have to write a book to get there. (I know, I know) But then, I've made it my life's work to let the painfully obvious elude me.

  5. That made my list also. We can both be predictable!! :)

  6. Hi Everyone

    LTM, I'm with you. Here's to the embracing the unexpected and loving it!

    Hi Bish
    :D *waves back in support
    It is great to know that others too have worked to overcome the challenge of dyslexia.

    Hi Mary
    I gotta get me an editor! Do you think they come pocket-sized for easy access? ;)

    Hi Vicki
    The ability to know the goal and to refuse to see the obstacles in between sounds like it breeds determined thinking.

    Hi DL
    Now, see, I knew I couldn't be the only one who never thought they would write a novel. *jinks Or is that jinks and double jinks ;)

    Hi Ivy
    I know! It's hard to believe I've completed four. (Techinically, it's three and seven eighths ;)

  7. Wow! You're a ROCKSTAR! Congrats on writing four novels! That's huge! My parents said they weren't sure if I'd ever grow up. Turns out I had a lot of growing up to do in that time and writing is what worked! I wanted to do so many things! I found writing those personalities and jobs filled the void! I've written quite a few and couldn't be happier!

    Happy Friday!

  8. That is such a cool compliment your teacher gave you! Yes, you were meant to be a writer, even if you didn't know it.

    Sorry I'm late getting around to your blog! As you know, my husband's birthday was yesterday and I was busy baking pies (he likes pie better than cake!) and an elaborate (almost disastrous) meal. :)

  9. Hi Jen
    I'm lovin' the rockstar appilation *huge grin* It should come in handy for when me and JK are shelf buddies ;)
    That growing up thing is over-rated, I found you didn't need to grow up if you got good at juggling all the demands. I'm a kid who juggles the **** bad stuff ;)

    Hi Amy
    No problems and no tardies ;)
    I hate it when a good recipie goes bad.
    Glad your husband got to enjoy his birthday pie.
    *Miss Johnson was the man - in the three years she taught me English, she put me on a programme of graduated crossword puzzles. She also taught me to finger spell at least one word of every sentence I read. I still do it when I feel pressured or tired. My Dad taught me the vocabulary and how to use it, Miss Johnson taught me how to learn to spell.

  10. Oh, I missed this blogfest.

    Those are wonderful words from your teacher. And writing four books is awesome.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Thanks for joining me, and good luck with those books. :0)

  12. Hi Medeia
    It was a fun little Blogfest. Miss Johnson, my English teacher, was inspirational. Thank you. Have yourself a great weekend too.

    Hi Carole
    It was a pleasure. Many thanks for your good wishes. :)

  13. Seven streetlights? Fated for a bookworm.

    Glad you pursued your dream. Keep writing!

    Came over via Vicki's.