Sunday 4 December 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY - DRAWN - fevered and fed

Christmas is coming, I can tell because the first of my brothers is due to arrive... in less than an hour. 

Pressure. *argh! Think: house, food, wrapping paper and a ticking clock.

Still some things still need to be done - and posting is one of them - oops ;)

Every week, participants in SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY post six sentences from their work-in-progress *easy and huge amounts of fun :D

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I'm still spending most of my writing time on my MG projects but I love Darrah and Hale too. 

It continues directly after last week's post.

Darrah is The Arm of Elthor's Corp - this gives her responsibility for the men she selects to train and to lead. Her secret mission is to find the Regal's heir who has been taken. The evidence suggests that The Sarkisians - who, with their unusual powers and their need to feed directly from the living, are hated and feared - are responsible. Darrah, who has personal reasons to want all that race to husk and crumble is finding it hard deal with her reactions to Hale who has been sent to find out who, or what, is trying to destroy the fragile peace between their peoples.

Darrah is no longer hanging over a chasm Hale has lain his finger on her.  

Welcome to my 6 :D

When Darrah could focus through the fever boiling in her blood, she saw Hale squeezed against the rough needles of rock that grew up from the cavern floor. On the narrow ledge, he couldn’t force himself any farther away. He’d pulled his fingers into fists and clenched them against his stomach. In the thin grey light, each tendon in his arms and chest glinted like metal ore through rock. Darrah didn’t want to think what it meant – what had happened – when he held her. Now the four finger marks on her wrist glowed but a fire raged everywhere.

I hope you are having a great weekend.



  1. I am certainly gripped and intrigued by those finger marks and the raging fire. I definitely want to know more.

  2. I so love this. I want more of your world, Elaine! MOOOOORE!

  3. Finger marks and fever? Very intriguing, as is the tension between the two!

  4. Hi Madeline
    Poor Darrah, narrow ledges are not the place to be raging with fever - an usuitable location for any kind of raging ;)

    Hi Lexcade
    *grins Thank you. Glad you enjoyed a look at Darrah's world.

    Hi JC
    good spot. There's a lot of tension layered in that relationship.