Tuesday 29 November 2011

I LOVE DARK YA How to save a life? Check Sara Zarr

Kelley York, Heather McCorkle, Christa Desir, and E.R. King of YAtopia have hosted a month-long blogfest in November for anyone who loves their YA books on the darkside.
This is the last week ;(
30th November: Waiting on Wednesday—What dark YA book are you most looking forward to?

As, (*guilty secret *blushes) I'm addicted to Teen Mom - Janelle; what can I say? - the dark YA book I'm looking forward to reading is "how to save a life" by Sara Zarr.

Frustrations, dilemmas and uncertain futures, I have got to read this book.

When she wants to adopt a baby, Jill's Mum invites a pregnant teen to live with them until the child is born.

This is a trio of relationships I would love to read.

It is a described as a story of teenage pregnancy that really delivers.



  1. I haven't heard of this one and I've never watched Teen Mom. :( Thanks for the intro to a new book for me.

  2. I've cut back drastically on my television viewing in order to write more but I do enjoy The Walking Dead. And speaking of darker themes, I recently enjoyed DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE immensely.

  3. Does Glee count as a guilty secret? All I watch are Glee, House, and Big Bang Theory.

  4. I really really want to read this one. It reminds me of the Fray song with the same name.

    My guilty secret? The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones.

  5. I don't think I have a guilty secret in my television viewing. I'm pretty vocal about my love for the Vampire Diaries.

    The book sounds like it would be an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a great book! I love Sara Zarr.
    And as far as guilty pleasures go - I love anything show that's on ABC family - especially Pretty Little Liars and Make it or Break it.

  7. Hi Brinda
    Call me positively addicted ;) TV opens the windows on different aspects of the world.

    Hi MS
    Walking Dead? Now I feel bad, except for an episode or two, I missed that one.

    Hi Susan
    Glee is no guilty pleasure it is necessary viewing. You have good TV viewing taste ;)

    Hi Bree
    I KNOW!!! Me too - The Fray and the most amazing piece my Minnow made for her GCSE Art.
    *Team Damon here.

    Hi MJ!
    Vampire Diaries is amazing. I end up watching at about 1am after work and writing. I couldn't go to bed until I've caught up with events in Mystic Falls.

    Hi Hannah
    I found this book by mistake (The Fray kind of mistake) But my research says it won't be the only Sara Zarr book I read. *Christmas Present spoiler ;) I loved Pretty Little Liars for a while there. I feel bad *hangs head in shame* need to get back at it.

  8. Neat header.




  9. This book sounds really cool as an adult mom who reads YA. Something for everyone. My guilty TV pleasure is True Blood.

  10. Hi Elizabeth
    Welcome, and thanks for the Follow :)

    I'm glad you liked the header. I like to think the disappearing 'h' was deliberate - flying off in bird form. ;)

    Hi Shell
    I tried for that adult mum status, not sure I was successful ;) I love YA - I love how the best distil ideas and produce fast and lean novels.
    True Blood is a great - addictive - guilty pleasure. I found the "fairy" thing the biggest surprise on TV.

  11. I've had to ban Teen Mom in this house. Daughterling #1 would watch it but Daughterling #2 (ahem 10 years old)began obsessing over babies and thinking it wasn't that big of a deal to have one while still in high school.

    Chuckling over the description "Teen pregnancy story that really delivers"...great word play!

  12. Hi Vicki
    My Minnow took the same view as your #1 daughter. Phew! *wipes brow ;)