Sunday 25 December 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY - DRAWN - so cold life is brittle


I'm late posting my SIX FOR SUNDAY, can't imagine what slowed me down.

When I'm not writing MG I slide over to the dark side of paranormal where too many people are out for what they can get and they take it indiscriminately.


Darrah is The Arm of Elthor's Corp - this gives her responsibility for the men she selects to train and to lead. Her secret mission is to find the Regal's heir who has been taken. The evidence suggests that The Sarkisians - who, with their unusual powers and their need to feed directly from the living, are hated and feared - are responsible. Darrah, who has personal reasons to want all that race to husk and crumble is finding it hard deal with her reactions to Hale who has been sent to find out who, or what, is trying to destroy the fragile peace between their peoples.

Darrah doesn't trust Hale, he has too many secrets and way too much power. 

This is my snowy SUNDAY 6:

Hood pulled forward and with her head down, Darrah stumbled through the blizzard until she believed she’d put a safe distance between them. When all she could hear was the screaming wind and heavy falling snow, Darrah threw herself down and crawled under the low skirting branches of a tall pine tree. The bitter cold followed her. At first it misted the air with her breath. Tired and aching, Darrah hugged her arms around her knees. Warm, at last, she rested her cheek on the clumps of snow that still crisped the surface of her clothes and closed her eyes.

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I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and that there is peace and joy in your life, now and during the new year too.


  1. Having just come in from a walk in the cold and snow I know how Darrah feels :) Good description.

  2. Hi Marcy
    <*shivers> ;)
    It always looks snowy over at your blog ;)
    Thank you.