Sunday 11 December 2011

Brenda Drake's Competition - Can we guess your character's age? - has meant I've had Mortimer on my mind. It's a rare thing for me to be totally MG all week but that is where I've been.

MY SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY has been hijacked by Mortimer, who in his pink thermo-regulating suit has been trying to save the universe. 

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The opening for MORTIMER CHILTON AND THE COLLECTIVE has been posted previously. Mortimer has been sent to join The Collective. It is a type of educational facility in an ancient space station in fixed orbit at the edge of the gallaxy. The Collective is not the school it is the minds of the many individuals who should be forged into one unit ready to unite against a formidable enemy.

In this section, the Principal has just met Mortimer.

Riding high in her tank, the Principal sailed through the open half of the stable-style door. She stopped above a thin piece furniture that was pushed against the wall – probably her desk. Once the bubbles settled she stared at Mortimer who was back on his feet and rubbing his sore knee and hip. Her flat face tilted to one side, if she’d had eyebrows they would have been raised high, or be meeting in the middle. Unexpectedly, she wagged a tentacle or several. “It doesn’t seem as if you have much talent for predicting what is going to happen, after all.”

I'm going out now to find holly and ivy for my bare and naked mantel and that is a steamy as things are going to get around here. Still a little steam would help the greenery last through to Twelfth Night ;)  

I hope you are having a great weekend and that, for you, the words are flowing :D


  1. Oooh, I really like Mortimer! I went back and read the opening, as well, and you have done a lovely job!

    Best of luck with the contest!

  2. Hi Amy
    Thank you :D These are great words of encouragement. I have my fingers crossed.